Family CrestThe von Huene Family

The mission of this website is to provide information, for educational purposes, about the von Huene family. The different variations of the family name discussed in this web site are:

von Hoiningen gen. Huene
von Hoyningen gen. Huene
von Hoiningen Huene
von Hoyningen Huene
von Hoiningen-Huene
von Hoyningen-Huene

Family members carry the title of "Baron" or "Freiherr".

The following are articles written an provided by family members:

von Huene Crest
"Devoted to Duty - Truthful in Advice - Committed to Deed"

For free services (e-mail, web space etc) provided to family members, please visit the von Huene Network web site.

The von Huene Family

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